Enabling Educators to Excel
Through high quality wellbeing projects,
supervision and leadership coaching

Why Purplemoon?

Working within education (in any role, in any setting) is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs that there is. It can also be one of the most stressful, demanding and tiring jobs! Jenny knows this, and knows the toll it can take on the family, on the self and on the physical health of a person. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Coaching and/or supervision can support anyone in ensuring that they maintain a positive balance, it can support emotional and mental wellness and will ensure that all staff feel empowered to tackle whatever comes their way next!

Jenny, the founder of Purplemoon, believes that by promoting and supporting a strong, collaborative, caring leadership educational establishments can be great places to work in. 

Jenny believes that any establishment that puts wellbeing at the heart of it will be a place where educators will excel and the whole community will reap the rewards.

Purplemoon is always a bespoke package, able to support individuals, teams or whole schools/trusts in the way that best suits the circumstances. This may be through coaching or supervision sessions, or through a project aimed at improving staff wellbeing and school systems and processes. Whilst Jenny believes that there should be money in the funding for schools for this work, Purplemoon will take private paying clients.

What can Purplemoon do for you and/or your organisation?

Reduce stress, and/or the weight of your caseload on work and home life

Improve or embed wellbeing for staff in the culture and vision within a school or organisation

Developing Strategies and action plans, supporting leadership development

Supervision for individuals and some group supervision for shared responsibilities

A bespoke wellbeing project for the whole school, incorporating 1:1 and group supervision and coaching for key staff, and seminars/CPD for the whole staff

Package of coaching for leadership teams at all levels, 1:1 and/or group

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