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in Workplaces they can Thrive in

Purplemoon News in brief:

Why Purplemoon?

Are you interested in creating a workplace where you and your team can thrive? 

Jenny, the founder of Purplemoon, believes that any establishment that puts wellbeing at its heart will be a place where staff will excel and the whole community will reap the rewards.

You  may be wondering how is this possible? I support organisations by delivering values based leadership coaching of senior and middle leaders, reflective supervision sessions for key staff, wellbeing seminars/workshops and bespoke whole staff wellbeing projects. This now includes menopause and menstruation seminars as I am an accredited Henpicked Menopause in the Workplace trainer.

These four elements can:

  • Improve retention and recruitment
  • Reduce staff absence
  • Improve team relationships and communication
  • Ensure staff values are aligned to the company
  • Increase productivity and staff job satisfaction
  • Empower and develop individual leadership skills and teamwork
  • Support individual accountability and whole company accountability for wellbeing
  • Reflective/professional supervision deals with issues and conflicts proactively, effectively and safely
  • Values based leadership coaching empowers and energises staff
  • Seminars and workshops inform and develop  individual and team skills, as well as positively impacting culture
  • Whole staff projects embed wellbeing into policy procedure and practice at individual, team and organisational levels, also improving culture, communication and relationships
  • development of proactive and positive menopause and menstruation practice and polices support great culture

Mentoring is like: Having an expert build a house and you build yours alongside them.

Purplemoon Coaching is like: Having the scaffold and tools that you use so that you can build the best house you can.

Purplemoon Supervision is like: Looking deeply at one aspect of the build, with an specialist in that aspect, to check that it is the best it can be.

Purplemoon CPD is like: Knowing what tools there are and how to use them to build your house.

A Purplemoon wellbeing project is like the architect and builder ready to work alongside the team to build the best house possible for everyone.

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