What do we offer to Businesses?

1:1 or group Supervision

Effective supervision reduces stress and improves emotional and mental health.

Purplemoon supervision can be 1:1 or group and provides a safe environment where the supervisor has no agenda or emotional or work connection to what is being discussed as they are not part of the organisation.

As Jenny has worked in different roles, in different schools and Local Authorities, she is fully aware of the differing aspects, tensions, struggles and joys that working with others can bring

Purplemoon can work for individuals or for an organisation and will produce an overview report on the supervision if required, without breaking confidentiality for the person/s involved.

For trust boards, directors or owners, Purplemoon can also produce and deliver presentations about how supervision can benefit their organisation and how it can be tailored to their needs, and how it can fulfil wellbeing requirements and support staff employee assistance programmes. .

1:1 or group coaching

The coaching that Purplemoon provides is values based leadership coaching. This means Jenny works with individuals or small groups of staff to develop strategy, improve outcomes, productivity and procedures and enhance the critical thinking of the people involved. It can be utilised to support and develop effective performance management, foster good communication and leadership skills at all levels and engage staff in the development plan, vision and values of the organisation.

The work might be with team leaders or managers to support and develop their development plans and productivity, with senior leadership on organisational strategy, specific improvement points, developing vision or improving culture within a setting. Purplemoon works to a clear scaffold and will develop a statement of intent and outcomes for an organisation if required. 

Webinars, seminars and workshops

As part of the Purplemoon vision to ensure that wellbeing is at the heart of every establishment for staff (and therefore all stakeholders) Jenny can deliver seminars or workshops on different aspects of wellbeing, either embedding wellbeing practices, role specific sessions (such as team leaders) and wellbeing CPD for whole staff. The sessions are built with the audience in mind, and although central pillars are similar, they are bespoke to the organisation and/or role that is being represented from the participants.


Purplemoon Wellbeing Projects

Are you thinking you want a policy for wellbeing? Have you been tasked with ensuring the organisation has a Wellbeing Charter? Are you bamboozled by the number of books about wellbeing out there? As part of the Purplemoon vision Jenny can work with an organisation on a wellbeing project for staff that will ensure that when Jenny withdraws, the organisation has wellbeing at the heart of its work and knows what it is doing, how it is doing it and why it is doing it that way.

Every project is bespoke to the organisation and can last from one month to a year. It is built up from different components and tools to suit the organisations need and budget. It always starts from a truly anonymous whole staff survey, and may end with a policy, but will usually have a wellbeing statement, procedures and practices that will be embedded for all staff within the setting.

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