How it works

The process is about ensuring you have a wellbeing umbrella fit for purpose.

The work may occur across a term, a year, three years or indefinitely.

It may involve the head(s), senior leadership team, subject/middle leaders, Designated Safeguarding Leader(s) or Team, SENDCo or a combination of these groups.

The cost of the package is bespoke, dependent on the frequency, number of people involved and the type of service. However, there are simple pricing structures for  coaching and/or supervision sessions, either as a one off or as a series.

I also get asked if Purplemoon will work with private clients, yes, there is capacity for this. However, Purplemoon ultimately aims for Supervision/coaching to be a right for education professionals, and therefore will play a key role in ensuring settings have the facility to pay. 

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How it works

Initial Contact

Contact between Jenny and the people who be overseeing work is made and outline agreed. 

Jenny has contact with everyone who will be involved, and an understanding of expectations and outcomes reached. Initial surveys sent out (if required) and evaluation points and reporting process agreed. 

Process put in place

Total number of 1:1 sessions, CPD sessions, meeting frequency, timings and locations all agreed.

The paperwork regarding structure, procedure and focus sent out and agreed

Work Takes Place

Sessions occur. Project established and embedded.

Work is completed by all involved.

Mid points surveys and reports completed (if required)


Everyone involved completes an evaluation

Purplemoon produces a report

Next steps are agreed

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