What do we offer to education settings?

1:1 or group Supervision

Effective supervision reduces stress and improves emotional and mental health.

From the evidence in health care and social care, Supervision positively impacts on staff job satisfaction and retention, and reduces staff absence due to stress/anxiety issues. Education as a sector is really missing out by not having this service from trained practitioners widely available, but the tide is turning! 

Being able to talk in a confidential safe setting within a recognised structure about an issue, case or situation that is gnawing at your subconscious or causing you stress will ensure that you can work through it so it doesn’t impact your emotional and mental wellbeing in the long term.

Regular sessions ensure that you are maintaining great wellbeing and building up your resilience. 

Supervision is not therapy, but has therapeutic benefits.

1:1 or group coaching

The coaching that Purplemoon provides is built upon IC Leadership Coaching. It focuses on values driven activities and ensures that the client has a safe space to enable critical thinking, strategic thinking and experience challenge in a compassionate way. 

It enable the client or group to think about themselves as the whole, or think about themselves within a team and organisation and how to drive forward in a positive way, ensuring that their actions support the ethics and values that drive them. 

Knotty issues can be undone and reframed, challenges can become little steps to take to enable change and the client is always empowered to take the necessary actions that they want to take. 

Webinars, seminars and CPD sessions

We know that learning, and having time and space to develop our thinking and actions have a positive impact on our wellbeing, as well as supporting growth within an organisation or setting. 

Purplemoon takes this one step further, as the CPD is always about wellbeing itself: It might be focussed on stress management, self care, time management or developing a coaching culture, but whatever the focus the audience will be involved, engaged and equipped to think positively about their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their staff and colleagues around them. This means that the setting or school will be a great place to work and learn in for the staff and for the children/young people in the community. 

Purplemoon Wellbeing Projects

With the launch by the DfE of the Wellbeing Charter you may be thinking about what to do for wellbeing in your setting.  You may simply be thinking that you want to make sure that the wellbeing of the staff within the setting is good, and what to do to make it even more positive.

 As part of the Purplemoon vision for all staff to experience positive wellbeing in the workplace, Jenny can work with a school on a wellbeing project for staff that will ensure wellbeing is truly held in high regard by all staff and all staff recognises that not only does the organisation have a role to play for supporting wellbeing, but they do too.

Every project is bespoke to the school and can last as long as it needs to. It is built up from different components and tools to suit the schools need and budget.

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