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The Vision of Purplemoon

First, An education system that recognises all accomplishments and ensures equality, fairness and promotes wellbeing at its heart for all the children, young people and staff that work within it.

Secondly, that businesses and organisations that empower all staff and promote healthy, happy and productive work experiences, whilst maintaining inclusivity and equality are possible.

I believe in a culture built on ensuring emotional and mental wellness, as well as physical health, where services delivering a wellbeing function are an entitlement for all staff, students and volunteers, enabling them to work to the very best of their abilities.

This means everyone will have a good work life balance and find joy in their work.

I believe that by promoting and supporting a strong, collaborative, caring team ethos, establishments can be great places to work and thrive in.

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My Journey

I knew I would be working in education, probably as a teacher, from the age of 3 after starting nursery. I took a slightly different route to most though, having a year in the USA as part of my four year BA, taking a year out to work full time in different roles before doing my PGCE (where I ‘specialised’ in EYFS so my PGCE is for 3-11year olds). 

After teaching for three very fulfilling years in Bishops Stortford I up sticks and moved to Sheffield. In the school there I became the Safeguarding lead (then called the Child Protection Lead Teacher) after the head said, ‘you’re good at talking to people….’ I then also became the SENCO, and doing these two roles I really felt I had found my calling. Education was so much more than the lessons in the classroom!

From this dual role I joined senior leadership as a deputy head (maintaining the SENCO and DSL roles) in Barnsley, and then a deputy head role which led to headship in Oldham. I now had come to the realisation of what really mattered to me (Staff wellbeing) which resulted in Purplemoon being born! I now realise that wellbeing at work is a vital aspect of any workplace, and is a right of any employee. I want all individuals to excel, in an organisation or business.


  • Being compassionate

  • Maintaining positivity

  • Creating a safe space for others to be listened to

  • Collaborating with professionals, including from other agencies

  • Developing leadership qualities in others

  • Developing systems of professional development for staff

  • Developing effective and clear policies and procedures

  • Analysing both soft data and hard data and providing reports

  • Creating long term and short term strategic action plans

  • Communicating to a range of stakeholders

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Qualifications and Collaborations

I believe that ongoing always learning is a vital component of emotional and mental wellness and so I am committed to ongoing CPPD. (Continuous Professional & Personal Development)

  • I have attended Reflective Supervision in Education Training (4 day CPD) from CSTD Bath. 
  • I have attended Fundamentals in Supervision (3 day module) from CSTD Bath
  • I have attended Group Supervision (3 day Module) from CSTD Bath
  • I have a Level 2 qualification in Clinical Supervision from APT
  • I have a Diploma in Psychological Therapies from APT. (Level 4) 
  • I have completed all three parts of IC Leadership Coaching (self, team and organisation)
  • I am part of an IC Executive Coaching Group
  • I have qualifications and have received training in education, safeguarding and SEND
  • I have collaborated with other school leaders and professionals from other agencies on a range of policies, procedures and toolkits for education staff as a leader within schools

For more details regarding my qualifications, CPD and relevant workplace experiences  please download the PDF via the button below.

Other relevant information

  • I am a Non-Executive Director, safeguarding Officer  and the chair of a social enterprise, Glint-(Horse Assistant Development) who work with vulnerable young people and adults The organisation is based in Lincolnshire, having relocated in 2022 from Kirklees.
  • I co-wrote a book on SENCO Wellbeing with #TeamADL founder Dr Anita Devi called Journeying to the Heart of SENCO wellbeing. Published October 2022,
  • I am the author of the #TeamADL #Senco5ADay Wellbeing Blog,
  • I am the DEO of #TeamADL, a responsive national multi-agency team committed to enabling ‘everyone to thrive in education, employment and life’. We achieve this by ‘developing people, growing organisations and strengthening localities’,
  • I am a member of the Community Foundation for Calderdale, and I have also volunteered some working hours for them to complete tasks and projects,
  • I am a member of the advisory board of  HeadsUp4HTs, a national support network for current, former and aspiring headteachers,
  • Work I completed with Dr Debra Kidd around providing a ‘Curriculum of Hope’ for my pupils is discussed in the book of the same name,
  • I am an Associate at Education Support and deliver professional supervision for them in this role,
  • I am a regular attender of local business networking events,
  • I am a part time Professional Tutor for Teacher Apprentices at Bradford College,
  • I love rugby (union), travelling, having a go at new things and reading American crime fiction.
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