Purplemoon News-Jenny speaking at SEND Conference

Education Conferences UK Virtual SEND Conference

Jenny, as DEO of  #TeamADL, is speaking at the conference on the 1st December 2022. Click on the image for the conference link.

Jenny will take  you to #InclusionVille, the setting of the book ‘Journeying To The Heart of SENCO Wellbeing’ . Whilst journeying there the discussion will be focussed on Working With Others Well, and creating those WWOW moments during the working week so that the teams within school are all working effectively to support the teaching and learning of the pupils.

She will explore with you the role of the SENCO and what that means. For yourselves and for the staff, agencies and families you work with;  exploring some of the myths and expectations around the role. She will examine how passion and purpose are intertwined and whether systems or structures matter the most. She will also take a moment to look at the 7 Principles of Public Life (The Nolan Principles) and how the 7th is arguable the most important.

She will also explore behaviour, thinking how we all communicate thoughts and feelings, and how we respond to the behaviours of those around us, drawing on tools to ensure we are in the best position to respond effectively and support those who need us.


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