Purplemoon News-Delivering SMHL training

Jenny has been delivering online Senior Mental Health Lead Training alongside Kelly Forrest from Forrest Training Ltd to educators in England.

It was a lovely group that included an ELSA and a School Business Manager, and covered diverse settings. The two days covered some understanding of what mental health and wellbeing is, as well as how to develop an effective team to lead and deliver on positive mental health and wellbeing in culture and ethos. meaningful time was given to collaboration and exploration of leadership, high performing teams, embedding a change process and creating a vision and do-able action plan.

Although not something that Jenny usually does, stepping in to cover the absent presenter and working alongside Kelly was another way for Jenny to discuss wellbeing in a constructive and holistic way with school staff. Click on the link to find out more. 

The DfE has also now recognised that some schools need an additional person trained, whether due to a change in personnel or a person leaving, so funding is now available for a second person to be trained.

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