Purplemoon News-Supporting-International-Stress-Awareness-Week

This week is International Stress Awareness Week! 

It may seem quite apt that the first week of Autumn term 2 in schools is also stress awareness week, but following on from Arlene Kyle’s guest blog for the #Senco5ADay blog I have been rethinking my relationship with stress. (Link to blog is via the pic!) I also discovered an excellent TedTalk from Kelly McGonigal in 2013 where she talks about stress being a friend. I bet you are surprised! I was! The link is Kelly McGonigal TedTalk

If you are struggling with stress and feeling close to burnout, or feeling anxious or worried, a supervision session from me could help. Perhaps you are thinking about your future, and so a coaching session could help you. Please get in touch this week (1st-7th November) and quote ‘Stressed!’ and you can have a half priced session in the month of November.

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