Purplemoon News-Senco5ADay blog published

December’s SENCO wellbeing blog for #TeamADL is out, and this month it is written by the Christmas Elf!

This is the fourth in the series about language-and the Elf has been playing with Language to create Haiku’s and Lunes.

As part of #TeamADL, Jenny curates a monthly blog for SENCO wellbeing, and for the autumn term Jenny has been writing a tetralogy about language.

For the fourth in the series Jenny’s alter ego, the Christmas Elf, has been writing poetry playing with language in particulars forms. (A Haiku follows a 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable pattern, and a Lune is 3-5-3.)  She has also encouraged others to have a go! Click on the link to see.

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