Purplemoon News-summer

It has been the summer holidays for those that work in education. So, what was Jenny doing during summer for Purplemoon?

From looking at the news feed, you would think that August was a quiet time for Jenny and Purplemoon. As the bulk of the work that we do is within the education sphere, Jenny did think that Summer would be quiet, so what to do? 

The answer was volunteering! (and and take on a few short term projects-more on those later!)

Over the 6 weeks of the traditional summer holidays Jenny gifted 8 half days of her time and expertise to CFFC, an organisation that Jenny is very proud to be involved in, and CFFC made very good use of her time. The half days were very rewarding for Jenny, as she got to use some skills and knowledge that had been on the back burner for the last couple of years. Keep your eye out for a blog on volunteering from Jenny very soon, and CFFC will be highlighting the work Jenny did in their newsletter and a blog in the upcoming months. 

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