Offers for Winter 2021/22

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Will it be
New Year, New Priority: 
WELLBEING for you? 

I will support you to get your wellbeing umbrella sparkly, clean and strong for 2022 and beyond, I can help you ensure that your wellbeing resolutions do not fizzle out before the champagne is flat!

Offer Code : 2022MyUmbrella

6 1:1 sessions (either reflective supervision or Values based leadership coaching or a combination of the two) at 2021 prices with 5% discount also added.

(Each session £76)

Offer Code : 2022OurUmbrellas

120 minute seminar for up to 12 people- ‘Self Care is possible!’-exploring what self care and wellbeing looks like and what you can do in 2022. Includes time for individual and group action planning for only £150 (usual price £200).

Offer Code : 2022GroupOfUmbrellas

3 group sessions of either values based leadership coaching or reflective supervision for a team (up to 8 people) at 2021 prices with a 5% discount also added

(Each session £95)

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