Over the last year I have been lucky enough to be interviewed on not one, but two podcasts! I am not generally someone who listens to podcasts, I prefer to listen to music and then watch interviews, but when I was asked by Mike and Arthur from TandTeaching I just couldn’t say no! They are two lovely people and it was so friendly and really just like chatting in a staff room with a cuppa! Despite being interviewed back in October, I am really proud that Mike and Art keep letting me know that my podcast is in their top 5 most listened to. And that makes me very proud, as there are some amazing and fabulous people who they have interviewed! You can find TandTeaching here on Spotify, but they are available pretty much wherever people listen!

Back in March I was then interviewed by Alison from Above and Beyond Education, for her #FlyingHigh podcast, where she talks to people about what brings them #Joy! What a great subject, and so I got to talk about, not only what I love doing, but also what is bringing me so much joy at the moment. (Which is being part of 365SEND).

I am now thinking about other podcasts or video chats I could do, I wonder if this is a new strand for the Purplemoon Website?

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