Purplemoon connections worthy of shouting about in winter 2023-4

Flat Stan First Aid

Simon, founder of Flat Stan noticed that  there were lots of First Aid for grownups but little available for children.
So Flat Stan First Aid First Aid Workshops for children was created. 

What Jenny likes is that the workshops have been designed specifically for children and young people, whether in primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, AP’s or units. We all know young children can make a positive difference when introduced to these essential life skills. 

Simon say ‘First Aid is a vital skill and as such is important to deliver training especially well to children. At Flat Stan First Aid® our aims are to allow children to interact, learn and have fun in a comfortable learning environment, at the same time benchmarking and meeting key stage and curricular objectives.’

 Flat Stan is award winning and internationally recognised for its work in teaching young people key life saving skills, as well as their work on enhancing CPR understanding for people of all ages.
Flat Stan also provides industry approved and recognised first aid training for adults, so not only can they work with your children and young people, they can also deliver certified training to your staff!

Click on the image to go to their website. 


Jo Bradley, the founder of Learnful, was a primary school teacher and an assistant head for many years. Now she is on the other side looking in and can see that, for many, a vital piece is missing for children, families and staff, which is emotional and mental wellbeing.

What Learnful does is provide that missing piece for the children and staff to teach them and then support them in their emotional and mental wellbeing, so that they can live, learn and teach with more health and happiness. 

What Jenny particularly likes is that there is no extra work for the teachers, its all there for them, so that they can actually join in, in the moment, with their class/group. Jenny also likes that Jo truly practices herself what she is teaching, and strives to stay up-to-date with current research and thinking.

Click on the image to go to the Learnful page and find out more



Jenny has a strong and deep connection with #TeamADL, and not only because she co-wrote the first wellbeing book for SENCO’s with the CEO of this CIC (Dr Anita Devi)! 

The values and the vision of the organisation strongly align with Jenny’s own, and its work to empower and enable strong SEND Leaders, in all agencies and organisations, not just in education, is something to aspire to. It is purposeful and creative in ensuring all children and young people get the best life chances and education they can by working with settings on their own needs and resources rather then imposing ‘one size fits all’ thinking.

#TeamADL has also developed free monthly blogs on wellbeing, inclusion and leadership. It curates the international SEND Leaders Appreciation Day, it is running a SEND leadership and wellbeing retreat/conference in 2024, and it rubs regular certified training as well as coffee mornings and network meetings for TA’s, Governors, SENCO’s and Designated Safeguarding Leads. 

To find out more, either search for them on social media or click on the image to get taken to the main website. 


Glint is a more-than-profit social enterprise based in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire. It creates personal and professional development opportunities that empower and enable positive life choices, for teams, leaders, vulnerable adults and young people.

How does one organisation manage all this? Heidi, the CEO and lead facilitator is a trained coach and hypnotherapist, but the unique part of Glint, that Jenny really loves, is that Heidi has a team of 4 horses supporting her clients as she is an Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner. 

Jenny is a non-executive director and the current chair of the board of Glint, and she is also a sometimes co-facilitator, so she has seen first hand the transformational and deep changes that can occur for individuals and for teams who get the opportunity to work with the Glint team. 

To find out more about the range of work Glint provides and how this might benefit you, your team or any young people you work with, click on the image and check out the website. 

And don’t forget, that the Boundless Purplemoon Collaboration of Jenny and Julia (Boundless Learning) are delivering online seminars throughout the year.

These are delivered as 

  • Morning Coffee Break
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Afternoon Tea Breaks

They consist of a 60 minute interactive and informative session where a nugget of information about leadership and wellbeing is shared, so that leaders, managers and business owners can continue their leadership journey with their purpose, values and wellbeing (and that of their teams) at the heart of what they do.

At some events there are guest speakers too, bringing their expertise to share. 

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