Leadership Coaching

What is Coaching?

The coaching that Purplemoon provides is values based leadership coaching. This means Jenny works with individuals or small groups of staff to develop strategy, improve outcomes, productivity and procedures and enhance the critical thinking of the people involved. It can be utilised to support and develop effective performance management, foster good communication and leadership skills at all levels and engage staff in the development plan, vision and values of the organisation.

Jenny has experienced coaching, from both sides, and has utilised it effectively as a senior leader in school leadership meetings, for performance management, for developing and embedding the school vision and in developing action plans and school development plans. Her experience at different levels and roles within education means that she knows what the realities, pressures and rewards of working at different levels of leadership are, and how working across teams and organisations can impact both positively and negatively on an organisation.

The work might be with team leaders or managers to support and develop their development plans and productivity, with senior leadership on organisational strategy, specific improvement points, developing vision or improving culture within a setting. Purplemoon works to a clear scaffold and will develop a statement of intent and outcomes for an organisation if required.

Purplemoon will also run a workshop and support the organisation to develop a policy on coaching, based on the purplemoon outline, if required.

Cost can be per session, or a sequence of sessions built into a time frame for 1 person or a number of people.

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