Wellbeing Projects

What is a Purplemoon wellbeing project?

Are you thinking you want a policy for wellbeing? Have you been tasked with ensuring the organisation has a Wellbeing Charter? Are you bamboozled by the number of books about wellbeing out there? As part of the Purplemoon vision Jenny can work with an organisation on a wellbeing project for staff that will ensure that when Jenny withdraws, the organisation has wellbeing at the heart of its work, a statement that is fit for purpose, and that everyone knows what they they and the organisation are doing, how it is doing it and why it is doing it that way.

Every project is bespoke to the organisation and can last from one month to a year. It is built up from different components and tools to suit the organisations need and budget. It always starts from a truly anonymous whole staff survey, and may end with a policy, but will usually have a wellbeing statement, procedures and practices that will be embedded for all staff within the setting.

The main task maybe establishing and empowering a wellbeing team, or to ensure effective processes and systems are in place that ensure wellbeing is at the heart of the culture of the organisation.

It can include presentations to directors or trust boards and will always be built to suit the organisation and the budget.

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